In collaboration with our international partners we are specialized in phytopharmacy without specific indication. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from serious diseases in a sustainable way.

Information about the products can be found at our partner AstraSana.

PHARMACEUTICAL cannabis-based medicines

Cannabis products for medical applications of the highest quality

Cannabis extracts and cannabis flowers

Cannabis extracts and cannabis flowers
We offer you our expertise and the corresponding products with which you can support your patients. The product group differs between cannabis extracts and cannabis flowers.

Medical Cannabis Inhalation

Medical Cannabis Inhalation


Joint Venture and exclusive collaboration with our partner Astrasana

AstraSana is an internationally active Swiss cannabis company with three other companies in the Czech Republic, Germany and Japan, . With a fully automated extraction plant, a state-of-the-art cannabis flower production facility, Astrasana is thus one of the leading cannabis companies in Europe.

At Astrasana, Mr. Antoniazzi’s main focus is on expanding the company’s network and developing new strategic alliances.

Yves Antoniazzi AstraSana

Yves Antoniazzi
Managing Director Astrasana Holding AG