Ac-225 Chloride (NCA)

For targeted alpha therapies

Ac-225 Chloride (NCA) is a highly effective radioisotope used in targeted alpha therapies – a new form of radionuclide therapy against various tumors for which there is a high medical need.

This transports alpha radiation directly to tumors in the body by combining alpha radionuclides such as actinium-225 with specific target molecules.

  • carrier-free (NCA)
  • does not contain Ac-227(!) as a decay product of Th-229
  • in liquid form as chloride
Ac-225 Chloride (NCA)

Product specifications

Ac-225 Chloride (NCA)

Appearanceclear, colorless solution
Radionuclide identityAlpha 225Ac for 5.830 keV,
5.793 keV, 5.791 keV
Quantity of radioactivity≥ 74 MBq/ml (≥ 2 mCi/ml)
chemical form225AcCl3
Ratio of the total gamma radiation
(with the exception of 225-Ac and its
daughter isotopes) to 225-Ac activity
≤ 1
Ratio of alpha emitter activity to
225-Ac activity, inclusive, %
- Radium-225
- radium-224
- other
≤ 0,02
≤ 0,002
≤ 0,0007
Content of non-radioactive impurities
(Al, Cu, Fe, Ba, Mn, Zn, Ni, Mo, Cd, Be, Bi, Cr, Pb,
Sn), μg/MBq (μg/mCi)
≤ 0,27 (≤ 10)
Concentration of the solvent (HCl), mol/l0,1