Medical Cannabis Inhalation

The MIGHTY+ MEDIC are intended for vaporizing and subsequently inhaling cannabinoids. The goal is the application of active ingredients in the human body via the alveoli for the appropriate medical indication. It is suitable for the temporary inhalative application of cannabinoids prescribed by a physician for use at home or in a hospital.


MIGHTY+ MEDIC is the first medically approved portable inhaler. It uses a combined air and radiation heater that ensures efficient vaporization from the first breath. The portable, battery-powered MIGHTY+ MEDIC Vaporizer is easy to use. The two high-performance rechargeable batteries ensure a long service life and a short heat-up time. It also has a cooling unit for pleasant inhalation.


The inhalative application of cannabinoids is by far the most preferred method to ingest cannabinoids. One of the reasons is the rapid onset of effect. Both, the MIGHTY+ MEDIC ensure an effective inhalation. They vaporize cannabinoids by hot air, without combustion. As a result, no harmful combustibles are produced. Studies have shown that at least 1/3 of the cannabinoids used in the device enter the bloodstream. VAPORMED Inhalers have been used in numerous medical studies and have established their reputation as certified medical inhalers for cannabinoids, licensed for Europe, Canada and other countries.
Medical Cannabis Inhalation
Pharmacode: 1003312
Medical Cannabis Inhalation


For clean and easy loading. Dosing Capsules can be prefilled, stored in the Magazine, and inserted into the Filling Chamber before operation. This
way, patients have their daily doses contained and portable.

Dosing Capsules are suitable for herbs. Liquids can be used with the additional Liquid Pad.


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