For improved positioning and fixation

iBEAM® Overlay Adapter

Created for the Medical Intelligence iBEAM and iBEAM EVO couchtops. The overlay is cantilevered, providing minimal attenuation in the area of treatment.

Overlays iBEAM® Overlay Adapter positioning and fixation

Overlay Board

Extends off the end of the treatment couch. An optional reloadable head, neck and shoulders frame for Type-S thermoplastics is available.

Overlay Board positioning and fixation
20CFHNSUB7Overlay (no Vac-Lok indexing hole for larger unobstructed treatment region)
20CFHNSUB2Overlay (with Vac-Lok indexing hole)
20CFHNSUB1PABS Reloadable Type-S Frame Only

Fixator Shoulder Supression System

The Fixator Shoulder Suppression System is designed to enhance the benefits of the Type-S system. The Fixator extends off the couchtop and includes adjustable padded positioners to gently cup the patient’s shoulders, capturing and positioning them out of the treatment field. Indexed nomenclature allows for easily recorded shoulder repositioning. Type-S head-only IMRT Reinforced Thermoplastic masks are recommended for use with this system.

Overlays Fixator™ Shoulder Supression System positioning and fixation
Fixator™ Shoulder Supression System
MTCFHN006Fixator with Shoulder Cups (x2)
MTCFHN006SUB6Shoulder Cup, Qty 1

MRI Type-S Overlay


Made of fiberglass with a foam core for use in MR environments.

The MRI Overlay is lightweight and three-pin indexable.

MRI Type-S™ Overlay Improved patient positioning
MRI Type-S™ Overlay Improved patient positioning