The Posirest-2 Arm Support is designed to create proper and comfortable upper extremity positioning.
  • Kits include: Posirest Carbon Fiber Baseplate, Wide Headrest, High Arm Support, Cranial Arm Support and Adjustable Arm Supports (x2)
  • Arm supports can be adjusted in several positions and are fitted with comfortable padding
  • High Arm Support allows patients who cannot reach back to rest their arms overhead
106521Posirest-2 w/ Standard Arm Supports
106522Posirest-2 w/ Large Arm Supports
Cranial Arm Support
Cranial Arm Support
High Arm Support
High Arm Support

Posirest™-2 Accessories

Rigid Adjustable Arm Supports

Rigid Adjustable Arm Supports have fixed heights perfect for use with the cranial arm support. The comfortable padded arm cup is rotatable and supports the upper arm regardless of which of the five different angle settings is used. For larger patients, this arm support is available with a large arm cup.

106020Standard, Qty 2
106048Large, Qty 2
Posirest-2 Standard
Posirest-2 Large

Height Adjustable Arm Supports

Height Adjustable Arm Supports feature rotatable arm cups and three indexable height options for added patient comfort.

106025Standard, Qty 2
Height Adjustable Arm Supports

Cranial Arm Support

A comfortable position of the forearms is achieved with a cranial arm support. It can be combined with the Rigid Adjustable Upper Arm Support to provide a complete arm support system.

106024Qty 1
Cranial Arm Support