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I-Wave Hyperthermia

The most efficient cancer therapy

Hyperthermia (also called the heat therapy) exposes body tissues to moderate temperature (up to 44 ° C) in order to damage and kill cancer cells.

Studies have demonstrated that an intratumoral temperature of max 46°C can damage and therefore kill cancer cells and that with no damage of healthy tissues. While damaging and killing the protein within the cellular structure of the tumor, hyperthermia is the only therapy able the shrink the tumor.

Its only when combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy that the cell’s death (apoptosis) can be obtained as a therapeutic response.


Hyperthermia: The most efficient cancer therapy

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Solumedics’ microwave based hyperthermia device for superficial and deep tissue treatments is the only real hyperthermia machine in its price class. The system comes in a very intuitive to use and mobile setup without obstructing relevant rooms or devices like your CT or even your linac.

Use Tarmed code 32.0810 or 32.0820 to reimburse up to 2’500 CHF per patient (depending on Canton).


Hyperthermia: The most efficient cancer therapy

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