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PROFILER Family – The Industry Standard

Every clinic should have a PROFILER. The extended PROFILER family delivers fast and powerful beam QA at thousands of clinics, as well as Linac manufacturing facilities and Linac service groups. PROFILER provides a wealth of information about beam performance in real-time, and takes only minutes to setup. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

  • Full-field real-time measurements
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Measure at isocenter for any gantry angle

Real-Time Machine QA,Commissioning and Trouble Shooting

The PROFILER family of 2D arrays share a common mission: real-time precision measurements for a wide variety of routine QA, commissioning, and troubleshooting applications. Each PROFILER model is designed for maximum flexibility within a specific application, although each is useful across many applications.

Routine QA
Use instead of a water tank for high resolution routine QA of many parameters

Real time measurements of modulated fields such as electronic wedges; export to planning system

Trouble Shooting
Highly flexible real-time measurements allows for trouble shooting of beam and linac anomalies, and verification testing after Linac service and parts replacement

  • Full-field real-time measurements
    • Flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, light/radiation field
    • Identify startup/time dependent anomalies
    • Beam constancy, steering, diagnostics, collimator and rotational sag QA
    • Electron energy verification
    • Photon energy verification – IC PROFILER
  • Quick and easy setup
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Single power/data cable
    • No pre-irradiation required
    • No warm-up required
  • Measure at isocenter for any gantry angle
    • Birdcage (SRS PROFILER) and GMF (IC PROFILER)
  • Low signal to noise (0.15%)
  • User calibrated every 1-2 years with 15 minute patented calibration method
    • No need to send back to manufacturer
  • Used by Varian, Elekta, Accuray® and ViewRay®
  • Supports FFF beams
  • MRI compatibility – IC PROFILER-MR
  • Multiple real time parameter calculations
  • Profile comparison, subtraction, overlay
  • All relevant international and OEM calculation protocols
  • Beam tuning and data plotting interface
  • Real-time movie mode measurement and playback
  • Import water tank data and compare to PROFILER files
  • Developed in cooperation with market leading Linac manufacturers
  • Report generation with output to PDF
  • Analysis parameters
    • Flatness, Symmetry, Field size, Light-radiation field coincidence, Penumbra, Dose rate, Beam center, Output, Beam stabilization time (movie mode), Electron energy verification (with accessory wedge), Photon wedge angle, calculation, Pulse counting, Dose/pulse, Pulse/second

Ein 22 x 32 cm großes Array mit SunPoint-Dioden-Detektoren auf der X- und Y-Achse für maximales Signal und keine Mittelung des Dosisvolumens.

Profiler 2

Beam Start-up

Messen Sie die Stabilität des Strahlanlaufs mit Zeit oder ausgewählter Beam-on-Stabilisierung: Dosisrate, Dosis/Puls, Puls/Sekunde, Punktsymmetrie und mehr!


SunPoint® Diodendetektoren haben die höchste Empfindlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und das kleinste verfügbare Volumen aller dosimetrischen Messsysteme und gewährleisten eine genaue Strahlmessung.
1,0 cm integrierter wasseräquivalenter Aufbau
IMFTM holds PROFILER 2 am isocenter für Rotationsmessungen in jedem Portalwinkel, Addieren Sie bis zu 10 cm Anhäufung


Detektortyp: SunPoint® Dioden-Detektoren
Detektor Anzahl: 139
Detektor Breite: (mm) 0,8
Feldgröße (cm): 22 x 32
Detektor Achsen: X, Y
Abstand Detektor: (mm) 4

A 32 x 32 cm array using uniquely shaped ionization chambers on X, Y, and Diagonal axes for closest dosimetric match to water tanks. IC PROFILER is chosen as the industry standard by linac vendors for manufacturing and service worldwide.

Profiler 2

Beam Steering

Easy viewing of real-time beam changes of selected parameters


  • Unique curved ion chambers maximize signal and minimizes volume averaging
  • Full field measurements of X, Y, Diagonals
    – 45 cm x 45 cm diagonals
    – 40 cm x 40 cm X and Y field measurement at 75 cm SDD
  • GMFTM holds IC PROFILER at isocenter for rotational measurements at any gantry angle
    – Add up to 1.5 cm (Varian) or 3.0 cm (Elekta) buildup


Electron Energy Quad Wedge Plate

  • Used for precise electron energy measurements independent of wedge positioning
  • Aluminum-based design
  • Suitable for analysis of beam energies, ranging from 4 MeV to 22 MeV

Photon Energy Quad Wedge Plate

  • Used for precise photon energy measurements independent of wedge positioning
  • Copper-based design
  • Suitable for analysis of beam energies, ranging from 6 MV to 18 MV


Detector Type: Ion Chambers
Detector Quantity: 251
Detector Width: (mm) 2.9
Field Size: (cm) 32 x 32
Detector Axes: X, Y, diagonals
Detector Spacing (mm): 5

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