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Enhanced Penumbra Without Signal Compromise

SNC125c is a waterproof, fully-guarded, thimble ionization chamber with a design that reduces the convolution of high-dose gradient regions during profile and depth measurements. It is intended for use in scanning, field, and reference dosimetry measurements.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced penumbra without loss of signal strength
  • Easier set up
    • The seam on the chamber body between black and white indicates correct set up of the detector in relation to the detector holder1
    • The white chamber body gives a clear line of sight to the crosshairs and lasers during set up and set up verification
  • True measurement
    • Using a smaller inner diameter size results in a truer measurement of high dose gradients
  • Meets IEC 60731 standards for reference class dosimeters
  • No need for secondary water-proofing
  • Triaxial BNC and TNC type connectors available
Chamber Comparisons Chart

Optimized to work with the 3D SCANNER, the SNC125cTM always maintains the ideal orientation while performing scans.

The SNC125c has the sensitivity of a 0.125 cm3 penumbra closer to a micro chamber.

Active Volume (cm3): 0.108
Active Length (mm):n7.05
Active Diameter (mm): 4.75
Sensitivity (nC/Gy): 3.4
Wall Material: Paint 0.05 mm
PMMA 0.30 mm
Graphite 0.25 mm
Electrode: 0.8 mm diameter aluminum
Vented: To atmosphere throughwaterproof tubing
Waterproofing: Viton tubing
Polarizing Voltage: ±400V Max
Cable Length (m): 1.5
Cable Connector: TNC or BNC


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