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In pursuit of Patient Safety, Medical Physicists manage complex processes, complicated machines, and high expectations for overall treatment quality. With SunCHECKTM, balancing the workload can now be done far more efficiently. Full integration and independence intact.

Integrated. Independent.

SunCHECK offers flexible workflow automation for fully integrated and independent QA.
With SunCHECKTM, balancing the workload can now be done far more efficiently. Full integration and in
dependence intact.


  • One Solution for Radiation Therapy QA
  • Speed and Efficiency through Automation
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Seamless Clinical Integration


  • Physics and Dosimetric Plan Checks
  • Secondary Checks
  • Phantomless and Array-Based Pre-Treatment QA
  • In-Vivo Monitoring


  • Daily, Monthly, Annual QA
  • Measurement Device Connectivity
  • Imaging, VMAT, MLC QA

Apply the Platform

SunCHECK is designed from the ground up to support the real world of radiation therapy – where every combination of OIS, TPS, linac and clinical implementation is unique.

SunCHECK’s purpose is Patient Safety.

With SunCHECK, you have a fully independent, integrated workflow.

  • One Solution for Radiation Therapy QA
    Manage all Patient and Machine QA in the same place to save time and reduce the likelihood of errors going undetected.
  • Speed and Efficiency through Automation
    Cut time consumed by manual tasks, and build in more bandwidth for data analysis, clinical decisions and continuous improvement.
  • Access from Anywhere
    Untether your team with secure, browser-based visibility to the insights they need to see, wherever they are.
  • Seamless Clinical Integration
    Make your QA work harder, regardless of technologies in place. Count on custom installation, with a quick start-up guaranteed.


SunCHECK™ 2.0 Dashboard

Get an overall view of Patient and Machine QA, with quick access to results, reviews, to-do’s and approvals. Verify QA has been completed successfully, and on-time.

Prioritize Your Patients

Trade time spent moving, saving and searching for files for greater focus on improving treatment quality.

With SunCHECK Patient, all phases of Patient QA integrate into a flexible, automated and seamless workflow.

  • Physics and Dosimetric Plan Checks
    Automate plan quality verification and reporting workflows.
  • Secondary Checks
    Perform 3D secondary dose calculation for the systems your clinic uses.
  • Phantomless Pre-Treatment QA
    Complete your 2D/3D pre-treatment QA, with both EPID measurement and log file-based options.
    ArcCHECK® device connectivity provides array-based pretreatment
    QA, an efficient audit QA solution, and improved
    root-cause analysis of delivery issues.
  • In-Vivo Monitoring
    Verify and track dose throughout your patients’ courses of treatment.


SunCHECK™ 2.0 transit dosimetry

Verify setup, first fraction, and intra-fraction motion (when in EPID mode) against the plan. Patient position and anatomy are factored into the analysis for.


SunCHECK™ 2.0 Plancheck

Validate the treatment plan against departmental requirements, and automatically assess performance versus intent. More than 60 rules-based Physics Checks and comprehensive structure-based Dosimetric Checks are included.

Get More from Your Machines

Improve standardization and ease compliance reporting for Daily, Monthly and Annual QA

With SunCHECK Machine, you drive efficiency and critical consistency across locations, machines and staff. In turn, you are able to satisfy requirements of TG-142, TG-51, DIN and your internal requirements.

  • Daily, Monthly, Annual QA
    Ensure consistency among machines and clinics with shared tolerances. Apply ready-to-use, but customizable templates for efficient QA. No more spreadsheets!
  • Measurement Device Connectivity
    Eliminate the need for additional software and transfer of data. Automate beam measurement with direct device integration to Sun Nuclear’s Daily QATM 3 and IC PROFILERTM. New PC ElectrometerTM connectivity enables auto-population of chamber measurements.
  • Imaging, MLC and VMAT QA
    Simply deliver test beams. With acquired image or log file data, SunCHECK Machine automatically processes the data and analyzes results.
SunCHECK™ 2.0

Monthly constancy and beam quality checks take only 15 minutes for 5 beams with SunCHECK Machine vs. 60 minutes without.

Sun Nuclear internal testing


SunCHECK™ 2.0

TG-142, and DIN pre-set templates by modality support Daily, Monthly and Annual QA. Easily customize templates and tolerances to fit your needs.


SunCHECK™ 2.0 measurement device-conectivity

Auto-populate your Daily, Monthly and Annual QA results with direct connectivity to Daily QA 3, IC PROFILER and PC Electrometer devices, eliminating potential data entry errors.

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