Catalyst Tomo

Catalyst Tomo

Enhanced Positioning Solution for TomoTherapy

The complex nature of TomoTherapy Treatments emphasizes the importance of accuracy of the target position and maintaining the position during the entire treatment.

With its unique capacity for real-time image acquisition and visual guidance the CatalystTM is the ideal solution for addressing these challenges.

C-RAD TomoTherapy Positioning solution includes:

Enhanced SIGRT Solution for TomoTherapy

Catalyst Tomo is the single Catalyst system for TomoTherapy.
The images from planning CT or Sentinel 4D CT can be used as reference for positioning.
Large patient surface coverage (1300x800x700mm) with interactive visual guidance via color map projected on patient body during setup.

High level of patient safety and comfort

No markers or other equipment need to be placed on or around the patient.
Dose-free surface image-guided solution
Compliant to the immobilization devices
A customized installation kit as option will reduce the impact on service and maintenance of TomoTherapy system

Increasing productivity without compromising the treatment quality

Non-rigid algorithm improves accuracy and speed of clinical application.
A complementary workflow for patient setup and positioning with Catalyst can be used to reduce the need for MVCT verifications, with the benefit of delivering smaller doses to healthy tissue.
Highly integrated QA/QC procedure – Daily QC within 5 minutes

Selected specifications

Light projection

Wavelengths: 405 nm (near-invisible violet), 528 nm (green), 624 nm (red)


Scan volume (X * Y * Z): 800 mm x 1300 mm x 700 mm.
Measurement reproducibility: 0.2 mm
Long term stability: 0.3 mm
Warm-up time: 30 minutes
Scan speed: Up to 80 complete 3D surfaces per second
Registration method: Real-time, non-rigid with deformable models for computing 6 DOF isocentric shifts
Positioning accuracy: Within 1 mm for rigid body
Motion detection accuracy: Within 1 mm

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