Innovative radiation protection systems

From audio-visual monitoring to patient validation and in situ radiation detection, the combinable modules enable an efficient workflow and the greatest possible protection when dealing with potentially hazardous radiation.


Your advantages of digitalisation

Digital solutions for radiation therapy

Thanks to our many years of experience and professional know-how, we know what is important in radiation therapy. Our products are geared to the individual needs of our customers. At the same time, they always comply with the current legal monitoring and safety standards.

As a competent partner, we analyse the needs on site together with you and create an individual concept. For patients, we increase safety even in areas that are temporarily inaccessible to staff. In this way, both staff and patients are well looked after at all times with the systems from OPASCA.

Keep your processes in view at all times.
Protect your patients and staff.
We help you to avoid treatment errors.
Together we reduce the patients’ fears and uncertainties.
Offer your patients a pleasant treatment atmosphere.
Trust us as a partner with over 10 years of experience in the field of radiation therapy.

Patient validation

No more mix-ups thanks to reliable patient validation based on biometric facial recognition

At the patient’s first appointment, OPASCA Patient Validation captures the patient’s individual biometric facial characteristics and links them to the digital record. At follow-up appointments, the software compares the match from the current patient to the loaded patient. Approval or feedback on discrepancies is given directly to staff at the gate terminal.


  • Software-based capture of the patient’s individual biometric facial characteristics at initial registration.
  • Markerless validation at follow-up appointments
  • Direct release or feedback of discrepancies to staff at the gate terminal

Your benefits

  • Avoidance of patient confusion
  • No worrying of the patient in case of discrepancies
  • Support of the professional staff
  • Involvement of the patient in the treatment process
  • High level of security
  • Seamless integration into existing systems possible