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AccuForm™ CushionAccuForm™ Cushion

AccuForm Cushions

AccuForm Cushions are ideal for high-precision head and neck treatments when enhanced comfort, stability and repositioning accuracy are key.

Our AccuForm cushions are available in different sizes and fillings.

Produktbild Bolus


Bolus is made from a solid, homogeneous, tissue-equivalent gel. It will not sag, deform or run. Bolus is available encased in a tough layer of thin plastic “skin” or “skinless,” which is sticky for greater conformity to steep body contours.

Bolus sheets can be cut out with scissors to any desired shape and layered to obtain the desired bolus effect.

C-Qual™ Breastboard Produktbild

C Qual Breastboard

The carbon fiber C-Qual Breastboard is lightweight, designed for patient comfort and features a low-attenuating IGRT treatment zone. The C-Qual’s advanced features bring efficiencies to breast setup and treatment.

C-Qual M™ Breastboard

C Qual M Breastboard

The innovative C-Qual M is made from an image-friendly, non-ferrous material compatible with multiple treatment imaging modalities. Integration with the Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner provides arms-up positioning, allowing proper superior/inferior adjustment of the board to the patient, helping reduce patient slide.

Combifix 3 Baseplate

Combifix 3 Baseplate

The Combifix 3 is a baseplate system providing enhanced positioning for the pelvic region and other lower extremities. The system combines the KneefixTM 3 and FeetfixTM 3 cushions with optional Elevation Blocks into a fixed and indexable position.

Customizable Head Support CHSProduktbild Customizable Head Support - CHS

Customizable Head Support CHS

The Customizable Head Support is a shell and cushion system. The shell may be used with any customizable cushion. The unique shape of the shell was designed to encourage the cushion to return the patient to a repeatable position from fraction to fraction.

Customizable Head Support for Posifix
Customizable Head Support for Type-S

CyberMark Fiducial Markers

CyberMark Fiducial Markers

CyberMark Markers were developed specifically for use with Accuray’s CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system. The gold marker measures 5 mm long and 1 mm in diameter, as specified in the CyberKnife Software.

FlexiMarc G/T™ Fiducial Markers

FlexiMarc G/T

The FlexiMarc G/T Marker provides distinctive non-biological projection with easily definable nodes. The gold nodes are connected with a fine titanium line, which creates the optimal performance characteristics and visulaization

Gold Soft Tissue Markers

Gold Soft Tissue Markers

Soft tissue gold markers – Basic for high-precision radiotherapy

Gold markers enable precise and accurate tumor localization using a variety of imaging techniques. This includes X-ray, KV and MV imaging, CT, CBCT, MRT and ultrasonography. The use of gold markers thus contributes decisively to the success of high-precision radiation.

Sterile Platzierungsnadel (17GA ETW x 20cm) mit (1,2 x 3mm) Goldmarker, Beutel à 3 Stück

Produktbild PolyMark Fiducial Markers

PolyMark Fiducial Markers

Basis for high-precision radiotherapy

PolyMark Fiducial Markers is the first biocompatible polymer-based marker. It minimizes artifact, is visible using kV based IGRT solutions, MRI and is optimized for Proton Therapy.

Sterile Platzierungsnadel (18GA ETW x 20cm) mit (1 x 3mm) PolyMark Marker, Beutel à 1 St.

Posicast 3-Point Masks, Posifix®

Posicast 3-Point Masks, Posifix®

POSICAST 3-POINT MASKS are designed to drape over the patient offering a very conformal fit. They are offered in a variety of material perforations and coatings.

Posicast 5-Point Masks, Posifix®

Posicast 5-Point Masks, Posifix®

POSICAST 5-POINT MASKS are designed to drape over the patient offering a very conformal fit. They are offered in a variety of material perforations and coatings.

Radiation Bra Chabner XRTChabner XRT Radiation Bra

Radiation Bra Chabner XRT Special-BH

The Chabner XRT® Radiation Bra Special-BH provides optimal breast support during simulation, planning and radiation treatment, including proton therapy. Designed by a female radiation oncologist, the bra can also be used for breast support during other radiologic procedures such as CT, MRI and diagnostic X-rays.

Available in 13 sizes; back extender and shoulder strap extenders offered for additional sizing options.

Produktbild Vac-Lok Cushions

Vac-Lok Cushions

Vac-Lok Cushions create a rigid and secure support around the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve. The cushion retains its shape and guarantees stability and reproducibility of the patient’s position for up to six weeks once the air is vacuumed out.

  • available in two robust versions: Urethane und Nylon
  • Attached indexing battens (on specific sizes) provide an easy method of repositioning
ZENTEC Thermoplastic MasksProduktbild ZENTEC™ Masks, Type-S™ nur Kopf

ZENTEC Thermoplastic Masks

ZENTEC Thermoplastic Masks require less heating time than IMRT Reinforced ThermoplasticsTM and have an established reputation of being highly conforming masks.

In the 2.4 mm thickness, these masks provide a lighter feeling, which offers a more pleasant experience for anxious patients. In the 3.2 mm thickness, this material offers a similarly conforming mask with the added benefit of being CIVCO’s most rigid continuous frame mask.