Nuclear Medicine

Targeted molecular radiotherapy

Using organ-specific preparations, we enable you to take the next step into the future of patient-specific cancer diagnosis and optimized cancer therapy. The formulation of the kits we offer makes the synthesis of the ready-to-use product quick and easy.

Nuclear Medicine optimized cancer therapy patient-specific cancer diagnosis


produced at the highest radiochemical grade under non-GMP conditions, available in 0.05M…

Filtering System

for Radioligand Therapy

The number of treatments of various tumors with radioligand therapy will increase enormously in the coming years. This will lead not only to a very high increase in the number of patients, but also to an increase in the amount of radioactive waste water. Existing decay facilities will quickly reach their capacity limits, limiting treatment capacity. In addition, the increased volume of contaminated wastewater poses a significant environmental risk.

We have the solution!
With the patented filtration system, you can treat more patients and treat your wastewater better. In a safe, sustainable and easy way. At much lower cost and space.

ZerEau toilet filter system for nuclear medicine

Comfortable, safe and clean for patients and staff

Hygienic, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Get to know our Filter System and all its specifications.
Limited volume of wastewater
Very low volume of radioactive waste, safely contained in a protected filter
Clean waste water, no drug residues
Fits in almost any room, very easy to connect
Safe and easy workflow for staff
Convenient, safe and clean for patients

Converting innovative ideas into practical applications

With our experience and background in the water industry and healthcare, we find solutions through connection. We know the purification techniques through and through, know how built reliable installations and understand the culture and interests of our clients.

We realise tailor-made, affordable and practical solutions, mostly close to the source of the contamination. And we take care of the design, supply, installation, maintenance and management. This enables us to guarantee a certain treatment capacity and safe work processes, and it prevents damage to ecosystems and public health risks.

ZerEau Filter process
ZerEau Filter process


Two filter stages

The Filter System can be connected directly to the sewage system. Or, as an extra line of defence, to your existing decay tanks. There are two different stages in the Filter System:


Pre-filtration of excrements and toilet paper


The filtration of radioactivity and medicinal residues
Two filter stages